Solar as a Service


50% Decrease in Indirect Costs, Higher Profits

Unlimited Scaling Options

With our extensive years of experience in generating clean energy, we employ some of the highest quality engineers and designers to develop the latest solar panel technology across the world. We offer trust and sincerity along with a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and offer you a completely tailored solution for solar energy. We’d love to know more about your business needs!

Our award winning teams of highly enthusiastic customer support and sales professionals, enable us to deliver to clients with the right outsourcing partners. We tailor our services to meet our customer’s needs and offer them solutions that are bound to help them bring down their energy expenses, resulting in higher revenues and a competitive edge over competitors. Take a look at some of our services below!

PV System Design & Engineering

Are you in need of someone, who can help you get in touch with a complete network, full of highly professional engineering firms? With our help, not only can you easily get in touch with firms of your choice but also have the best options available for you, according to the size of your projects. Some of our services that you should know of are backup generators, EV charging, storage applications, and much more.

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Permit-Ready Drawings

Want to work with our solar panels? We offer our customers a full and complete service including permit ready drawings, reviews, and permits helping contractors start and continue their work efficiently.

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Project Financing

Looking to raise some funds? Don’t worry. We’ve got that covered too. We have an extensive partner network with access to funds as high as $500 million for low cost startups as capital. We will hold your hand from the first step to the last and our team of experts will ensure the best guidance to developers as well.

Our partners can use our on demand services to enable our customers with the value addition they deserve. We believe in achieving success by joining hands with partners and building perfect harmony and synergy to achieve results higher than the inputs. So, call now, and let’s join hands for a better and greener future!

Cloud Based On Demand Energy Services

Feasibility Analysis

We use accurate statistics to measure and analyze the site and project requirements in the most comprehensive manner. With our shade measurement tools, we assess the day-to-day availability of solar energy with the highest level of accuracy.

Shade Analysis

With our shade measurement tools, we analyze the daily shade conditions and generate highly accurate reports, accepted by the highest authorities such as NYSERDIA and more.

Commercial And Industrial Analysis

Our solar suite comes with comprehensive financial analysis tools, tailored to project the latest industry results accurately. We also offer calculations of federal tax incentives, the creation of standardized PV systems, and detailed commercial and industry analysis through our commercial solar suite. 

Energy Consumption Modeling

We provide our customers with accurate estimates with industry-leading energy performance simulations down to cell-string-level using the most advanced simulation engine available on the market—as precise and accurate as solar gets.

Supporting All Solar + Storage And EV Charging Projects

UnMetered Energy can work on any type of EVC project, anywhere in the US. The Project Managers are familiar with the EV Codes, development process, and the EVC project life cycle.


Perform NEC Validation

The solar design engine performs hundreds of checks on the system for NEC compliance. Understand which calculations are made with breakdowns and formulas for string sizing, inverter power, fire-code setback violations and more.

Product Procurement

UnMetered Energy addresses inventory challenges met by manufacturers, distributors, and large EPC companies in the solar industry. Through our partner network, UnMetered Energy has a global reach with suppliers in the United States, Latin America and Asia and 9 distribution points throughout the United States, Mexico and Panama.

On-Demand Project Managers

Does your solar business need technical expertise for an upcoming project? Our team of On-Demand Project Managers have experience integrating storage and EVC on a variety of project types. Do you need help navigating the local jurisdiction permitting requirements or the Utility’s interconnection process? UnMetered Energy Project Managers are here to help add value to your project!